We are Manufacturers & Exporters of: Blazer Badges, Squadron Badges, RAF Badges, SAS Badges, Cap Badges, Sash/Baldric, Blazer Wings, Large Crests, Insignia, German Insignias, Coats of arms, Metal Badges, Metal Buttons, Patches, Neck Ties, Caps, Hats, Berets, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Plaques, Pendants, Military Uniform, Braids, Tussles, Banners, Embroidery Flags, Dress Cards, Sword Knots, Chin Straps, Firings, Crest, Emblem, Pipe Band Products, Scottish Highland Pipe Band, Uniform Accessories, Scottish Bagpipe, Practice Chanter, Pipe  Chanter, Reeds, Drones, Pipe Bags, Bagpipe Cords, Kilts, Tartan, Plaid, Shawls, Leather Waist & Cross Belts for Pipers and  Drummers, Leather Flag Carrying Belts, Leather Dress Sporrans, Glengarry Cap, Balmorals Cap, Brooches, Belt Buckles, Spats, Inverness  Capes, Drum Major Mace, Feather Hackles,  Lanyards. Labels, Military Accoutrements, All Sorts of Gloves, Jackets, and Tracksuits,














Hat 001

Hat 002

We Are Presenting This Catalogue With A Hope That It Would Be And Excellent Guide To All Our Promoters. We Pledge And Undertake To Serve To Even More In The Years Ahead To Our Quality Minded Promoters With Highest Standard  And Correct  Designing Of The Merchandise. 

These are two hats to give an idea towards our products range. There are hundreds of hats which could not be displayed on website. We are also pleased to produce your custom designs,

Please send us e-mail for Prices and details: info@aubadges.com


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